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President Xi Jinping Exchanges Letters with Argentine President Alberto Fernández

President Xi Jinping exchanged letters with Argentine President Alberto Fernández recently to reaffirm solidarity in the face of COVID-19 and call for closer practical cooperation in all fields.

Xi highlighted the partnership and mutual support between the Chinese and Argentine people in fighting COVID-19, describing it as a testimony to the profound friendship between the two peoples. Like China, Argentina and other Latin American countries face the formidable tasks of containing the virus, stabilizing the economy and protecting livelihoods. China will continue to work closely with Argentina to combat the coronavirus and help Argentina wherever it can.

Xi underscored China’s firm support for Argentina’s effort to maintain national stability and development. China is prepared to strengthen friendly exchanges and practical cooperation with Argentina in all fields to facilitate greater progress of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

Fernández thanked the Chinese government and people for their enormous efforts to contain COVID-19 and their leading role in the international response. In particular, he thanked China for extending a helping hand to Argentina. True friends are born for adversity. This trying time has revealed the strength of the Argentina-China friendship. “I believe that we are opening a splendid chapter in our bilateral ties and that our comprehensive strategic partnership and multilateral cooperation will be further deepened,” he wrote in the letter.

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